Container Side Loader

Container Side Loader


Function: Load 20ft container trailer or 40ft container

Outline dimension of Container Side Loader (L×W×H) : 1020×2500×2490mm

Axles: 3 axles or 4axles

Tire: 12 units

Trailer Landing gear: JOST

Power source:PTO or Independent engine

Operation: Wireless remote control and Manual operation

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Production Description

CCMIE Container Side Loader upstructurer is designed by super engineer in XCMG, the design realizes superior lifter Capacity and can save much cost while effectively finish container lifting and transport equipment. CCMIE has several models Container Side Loader

to meet all container handling needs, we have 20ft container lifting capacity loader, which can be installed on trailer, or truck, we have 40ft container lifting capacity loader which can be installed on trailer. Container Side Loader can Save time and improve productivity for satisfied customers around the world.

We always provide high-quality services to all our customers to ensure that we can provide you with the most effective wholesale Container Side Loader of the top quality and the largest cost. Container Side Loader for sale, all prices depend on the quantity you purchase; the more economical the price is based on the quantity you need. We also provide excellent OEM services for many well-known brands. We can customize the trailer and paste your brand. The same is true for our side loader crane, and you can paste your brand. But we still provide you with excellent after-sales service, allowing you to easily communicate with customers.

Wholesale OEM Container Side Loader, more than 16 years, experienced companies from all over the world regard us as their long-term stable partner. We have maintained long-lasting business relationships with more than 200 wholesalers in the Philippines, Container Loader, Myanmar Side Loader, Papua New Guinea Side Lifter, Solomon Islands Side lift, Kenya Container Side Loader, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and other places.

Operation Caution

1. When the lifting load is more than 50% of the rated load, be sure to lift a height of not more than 200mm for the first lifting load of each team, check and ensure equipment work normal, then continue to work.
2.When hoisting heavy goods, do not pull and drag it on the ground.
3.When load just leaves ground, please ensure there is no obstacle in load traveling direction.
4. Be sure to keep all wheels contact with ground when extending
5. During operation, do not retracst stabilizers.

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