how to operate 20ft container lift

Today we do a popularization of knowledge, a component of Side Loader Trailer
Side Loader Truck consists of several parts
1. Towing the side liter of the trailer, we can choose to be powered by (PTO), or we can choose to use an independent engine to provide power. These two power modes provide power for the crane on the container side. Under normal circumstances, if the power is not connected to the tractor, it cannot be operated

2. Hydraulic 37-ton container side hoisting crane. These cranes are placed on both sides of the container side lifte chassis, and transmit things through hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic tubing to realize the lifting function of the crane.

2. Power supply. The diesel engine or diesel engine installed on the trailer of each crane provides the power source for the entire car and the crane. Of course, we can often see the PTO carried by our own vehicle to take power.

4. After the vehicle is driven to a suitable area, the semi-trailer container side loader can bear the weight of the container more than 37 tons, and the design weight can actually be 80 tons, but because of the limited weight of the container, we usually say The weighing capacity of the chassis is 50 tons, plus the weight of the crane itself. In addition, for this model, we are equipped with a remote control as standard. The remote control has a joystick and buttons. There are two ways to connect, one is to connect the wire, the other is to connect with radio signals, so that it can be easily operated. The operator walks around the container during the operation, which facilitates the operation of the truck to observe the lifting position from different angles and reduces the existence of risks.

5. The operation is to stabilize the two outriggers in a reliable and tough place. Equipped with 2 hydraulic feet, you can lift containers weighing up to 37 tons. Although the outrigger can help adjust the height on uneven ground, we believe that it is safer to operate on a flat ground, and it also improves the safety margin and load limit when stacking containers.

6. Container lifter chain. During the hoisting process, the 4 chains are fixed from the top of the side lifter to the locked position at the bottom of the container. You can also choose to use a foreign container connection lock to fix two 20-foot containers. When the user confirms that the two 20-foot containers are locked together and stabilized, the side loader can move the container like a 40-foot container. .


Post time: Aug-01-2021