Reach stacker engine maintenance that is easily overlooked

In the previous article, we introduced the replacement of the reach stacker  engine filter element, this time we will continue to introduce the maintenance of  other parts of the reach stacker engine maintainance.

1. Check the cooling water quality and quantity maintainance.

The quality and quantity of cooling water are judged by the naked eye. When the quality of cooling water is poor, it must be replaced; when the amount of cooling water is insufficient, cooling water must be added to avoid overheating of the engine. Shell Antifreeze (Freezing Point – 45″C) 50L. Maintenance.
2. Remove debris attached to the surface of the radiator

In order to pass the maximum amount of air through the engine radiator for optimal cooling, we must regularly remove debris adhering to the surface of the radiator.
The method of removing debris is as follows:
Remove the radiator cover;
Remove all foreign objects from the radiator fins; clean the radiator with detergent;
Check for damaged radiator fins and rubber seals.
Do not flush the radiator with high pressure water.

3. Check belts and pulleys

Belt inspection method:
Press each section of the belt by hand, and the distance that can be pressed should not exceed 10mm. If the belt is too loose, tighten it. If it is still too loose, replace with a new belt. If the belt is worn, it must be replaced.
A belt that is too loose will affect the cooling of the engine, the normal operation of the air conditioner and the generator.
Automatic tensioner:
Check the tightness of the device spring;
Check the condition of the bearings in the unit.

There are still many things to pay attention to in the maintenance of the reach stacker engine, and we will introduce them one by one later.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022