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In areas like Papua New Guinea, the container side lifter is very popular because it can solve the problem of the shortage of crane equipment on the island country at any time. The container side loader can load a 40-foot container or a 20-foot container onto the trailer by itself, or unload it to the ground easily. After unloading the cargo in the container, you can easily return the empty container to the station.

The PNG forest is mainly composed of tropical broad-leaved rain forest. It can be divided into three types: lowland rainforest, highland rainforest and mountain cloud forest. Papua New Guinea has excellent wood texture and is similar to wood from Africa and Malaysia. Papua New Guinea forestry is a necessary project for national development, a priority project, and an important pillar industry in Papua New Guinea’s national economy. According to the International Tropical Timber Organization, Papua New Guinea is the second largest exporter of tropical timber in the world.

The situation of PNG’s forest resources is different in many other parts of the world. About 95% are owned by non-government and only 5% are owned by the government. In view of the lifetime ownership of the land, the crops and plants that grow on it also belong to a certain clan and tribe. Due to the particularity of Papua New Guinea’s timber industry, Papua New Guinea’s domestic companies account for a very small share of the entire industry, and the scale is small, most of which are monopolized by foreign investors. At present, Papua New Guinea’s main investment companies come from Australia, Malaysia, Japan and other countries.

According to data analysis released by the government website of the State Forestry Administration, Papua New Guinea’s total log exports last year were 299,000 m3, of which 86% were exported to China, 10% were exported to India, and 3% were exported to Japan. At present, Papua New Guinea has become my country’s largest source of log imports, and it is also my country’s largest source of seaborne timber. A large number of customers use our side loader container to transport timber.


Post time: Sep-02-2021