Teach you how to replace the filter element in the reach stacker engine

1. Check the air filter status indicator and replace the air filter element
Check the air filter status indicator to better determine the cleaning status of the filter element. When the air filter status indicator turns red, the filter element must be replaced.


Note: Wipe clean the inside of the filter housing before replacing the filter element. In an emergency, the main filter element must be cleaned and reinstalled. Do not use compressed air to clean the main filter element.

The safety filter element needs to be replaced in the following situations:
The main filter element has been replaced 5 times; the main indicator still shows red after the main filter element is replaced; it has been used for more than one year.


2 Replace the oil and oil filter
The role of oil:
1. Cleaning: Take away the worn debris and carbon deposits in the system.
2. Cooling: Take away the heat generated by the engine and related moving parts.
During the use of engine oil, due to heat, carbon deposits and other factors, the performance of the oil will deteriorate, and the decontamination ability of the oil will gradually weaken; because of water and diesel, the viscosity of the oil will gradually decrease; due to carbon pollution, the oil The acidity of the engine oil will gradually increase, which will react with the metal parts to make the metal parts rust. Therefore, the engine oil must be replaced after the engine oil has been used for a period of time to ensure the normal operation of the system.

When replacing the oil filter element, please pay attention to:
Use new engine oil and fill in a new filter; Wet the seal ring on the filter with new engine oil; Tighten your hands to touch, then tighten 3/4 turn.


3 Replace the diesel filter
Clogged and unclean filters will prevent diesel from entering the fuel injection system normally, so that the diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber by the diesel fuel injection system cannot form a good atomization, which will affect the working efficiency of the engine.
Please pay attention when replacing the diesel filter element:
Lubricate the sealing ring on the new filter with new fuel, tighten it by hand until it touches, and then tighten it 1/2 turn.


4 Replace the filter element of the oil-water separator
The oil-water separator is mainly used to filter debris and water in the fuel, and to provide clean fuel for the engine. When replacing the filter element of the oil-water separator, first remove the filter element from the top, then loosen the valve at the bottom, clean the inside of the oil cup, replace with a new filter element (note that all O-ring seals are replaced), and finally add a new one Fuel.
When replacing the filter element, the transparent oil cup at the bottom must be cleaned to observe whether the oil cup is clean.


Post time: Jan-04-2022