ZPMC double container reach stacker is here

Recently, Shanghai Port Machinery Heavy Industry has launched a double-box spreader that can adapt to the company’s full series of reach stacker on the basis of the standard single-container reach  stacker.
The double-box stacker has excellent structural layout and structural design. It can lift two 20-foot or 40-foot standard containers at the same time, and can stack up to the 9th floor. The maximum lifting weight is 10 tons, which is more than ordinary stackers. The transition efficiency of the product is increased by more than 40%, which can more quickly meet the empty container transition, stacking, and safe and reliable.
With the steady growth of port container logistics and the further development of railway containerization, the use of containers has become more and more widespread, and the market for handling equipment has further expanded. At present, the company has received multiple export orders for double-container reach stackers, and has completed the shipment of one equipment.
The container handlers are one of the most important machines used in seaports, in container yards. It can improve the working efficient of moving containers, many of the empty container are just placed in one site, but empty container handler can easily move them from one place to another place. Not only the empty container handler, but also the reach stackers are both important machines for container transportation work.
Prohibited operation of empty container stacker
The operation of the equipment is prohibited under the following conditions:
⑧Any safety facility installed on the stacker cannot work normally. For example: headlights, rearview mirrors, spreader working indicator, reversing buzzer, etc.
⑨The brakes, steering gears, operating handles and other facilities are faulty.
Empty container handler operation rules
⑧Before starting, check and confirm that no one is on the equipment and the running line. ⑥When the machine has any alarm, it is forbidden to start the engine to work. The cause of the alarm must be found out and the alarm can be removed before the engine can be started.
When the gear lever is placed in neutral, the engine can be started, otherwise the start is invalid.
⑧ Make sure that no one is walking or standing under the spreader (whether there is a lifting weight), and no one is allowed behind the counterweight during operation, otherwise it is not allowed to work backwards.
The driver must watch the direction of travel and pay special attention to places where people or other vehicles may appear. If the field of view is affected by the load, the driver must drive the vehicle in reverse.
It is forbidden to carry people outside the cab or on the cargo. Only in the cab


Post time: Jul-26-2021