ZPMC reach stacker successfully entered the Turkish market

On June 15, CCMIE and Mediterranean Company signed a contract for the supply of reach stackers.


The investor of Mediterranean Company is Turkey Potunus Company, which has rich lease and sales performance and maintenance experience in the field of small port machinery equipment such as reach stackers. In the early stage, the company dispatched a technical team to inspect the production base and products, and communicated with technical personnel in detail, and gave positive comments on the reach stacker. At that time, this reach stacker will be leased by the company to docks and storage yards in Turkey and surrounding areas.
Over the years, Mediterranean has assisted ccmie to obtain multiple orders for large port machinery such as quay cranes and yard bridges in Turkey and surrounding areas, and will actively assist ccmie to continue to develop overseas markets for small port machinery such as reach stackers.



Post time: Jun-09-2020